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Auto Repairs

Toby's Alignment, Inc. has provided the best automotive repairs in Palatka, Florida for the last 38 years. Through the years, we have earned the reputation of providing honest and reliable automotive repair and maintenance services to clients from Palatka, Palm Coast, St. Augustine, and many other cities throughout Northern Florida. No matter the make or model of your vehicle, allow our mechanics to perform the necessary diagnostics in order to provide you with a reliable estimate concerning the issues facing your vehicle. As the top mechanic in Palatka, FL, Toby's Alignment, Inc. performs quick and accurate automotive repairs at fair prices. We also love to take care of routine automotive maintenance services. When a vehicle leaves our auto repair shop, you can be sure that it will perform at its best for miles to come.

Our customers consider us to be honest and reliable auto mechanics that always look out for their best interests. Our auto repair services are affordable and performed by highly trained mechanics using the industry’s latest tools and best auto parts available on the market.

We pride ourselves on having customer-oriented employees who repair vehicles right the first time. Allow us to earn your trust on way to becoming your favorite auto mechanics in the Palatka, FL area. We perform auto repairs and maintenance services on a first come first served basis. Whether you are from Palm Coast, St. Augustine, or another city in Northern Florida, visit us today at Toby's Alignment, Inc.


Toby's Alignment, Inc. provides Brakes services to Palatka, FL, Palm Coast, FL, St. Augustine, FL, and other surrounding areas.

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Coming close to having a collision is an unmistakable feeling. One moment you are enjoying a relaxing drive through Palatka, FL, and the next second is sheer terror as you stomp on the brake pedal and hold onto the steering wheel. Now imagine that your brakes are worn out and not working properly. The potential damage in a collision involving failed brakes can cause injury to your passengers and the other drivers on the road in Palatka, FL. Come on in today so our trained mechanics can help you avoid a failure of your vehicle’s system of brakes.

Generally, most cars and trucks in Palatka, FL have a braking system consisting of front disc brakes with disc or drum brakes in the rear. Both disc and drum brakes are operated by pressurized brake fluid. This fluid is contained in a master cylinder. The master cylinder is responsible for actually pressurizing the brake fluid. When you depress the brake pedal, a series of processes occur. From the master cylinder, pressurized brake fluid is deployed through a series of tubes and hoses. When the pressurized fluid reaches the mechanical parts of each wheel, these parts slow the car down. In a disc brake system, these parts squeeze two brake pads against the disc or rotor, forcing the vehicle to slow down and come to a complete stop. Within a drum brake system, fluid is forced into the wheel cylinder, which pushes the brake shoes out so that the friction linings are pressed against the drum, causing your vehicle’s tires to come to a complete stop. In both sets of brakes, friction helps stop the vehicle, though friction also causes heat, which can lead to failure in your vehicle’s braking system if other brake components are already worn.

While regular brake inspections should be apart of your vehicle’s routine maintenance, there are signs to look out for concerning brakes tending towards failure. First, the brake pedal might press down too far against the floorboard of your vehicle. This is known as a “spongy” brake pedal, which can point to extra air in the hydraulic lines. The opposite may occur, and the brakes may feel almost impossible to press down. Usually, your vehicle’s electronic diagnostic system will alert you to a potential issue with your brakes by a service indicator light on the dashboard. A sure sign of bad brakes can be heard in brakes that squeal or grind when in use. Squealing brakes generally mean that the brake pads are overstressed to the point of non-existence, though the brake pads may also be cracked or broken. Noticing these signs and symptoms of fault brakes can save you money down the road while keeping yourself safe along with the other drivers on the road.

Don’t hesitate to have your brakes inspected by our highly trained mechanics at our facility in Palatka, FL. Our mechanics have years of experience inspecting brakes in Palatka, FL, Palm Coast, FL, and St. Augustine, FL. Our team of auto professionals has seen all of the signs and symptoms of bad brakes, so don’t risk the safety of yourself, your passengers, or the other drives on the highway. If you happen to be experiencing unusual squealing or grinding noises coming from your vehicle’s brakes, then stop in today to have your brakes inspected by an experienced mechanic.

Areas Served : Palatka FL | Palm Coast FL | St. Augustine FL | and surrounding areas

Brake Inspection

Brakes use friction to bring a vehicle to a complete stop. This friction creates a substantial amount of heat...

Approx. Time: Call for estimate

Brake Rotor Replacement

Your brake system’s rotors, in conjunction with the brake pads, help bring your vehicle to a complete stop...

Approx. Time: Call for estimate

Front Disc Brake Repair

In the brake systems of modern vehicles, disc brakes are used in both the front and rear of the vehicle...

Approx. Time: Call for estimate

Parking Brake Adjustment

Whether you have a disc brake system or a drum brake system, you have a parking brake that is responsible for locking your vehicle...

Approx. Time: Call for estimate

Rear Disc Brake Repair

Some brake systems use disc brakes in the rear of a vehicle. Most rear disc brake systems contain brake pads, calipers, rotors...

Approx. Time: Call for estimate

Rear Drum Brake Repair

Some brake systems use rear drum brakes instead of rear disc brakes. Drum brake components consist of brake drums...

Approx. Time: Call for estimate

Master Cylinders, Brake Hoses & Brake Lines


Approx. Time: 30 Minutes

True Rotors & Drums

Replacement of rotors and drums is not always necessary. We can resurface rotors and drums to re...

Approx. Time: 30 Minutes

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